Safety Guide

WeGoOut Safety Guide

The easiest is already done. You have created your account on our site and feel ready to go search for someone with whom you can share experiences, talk a little bit and maybe find the love of your life. Meet new people on the Internet can be an enriching experience but we recommend you to read our tips to make your experience on WeGoOut always safe. The Internet exposure carries some risks and concerns and you must be prepared for any unforeseen event, taking some security measures. Even not to end up heartbroken.  One of the most important thing to remember is that knowing someone on the Internet is not much different from meeting someone in a bar, at the gym or in any other situation where you find someone who was unknown until then. It is important not to rush into situations, follow your instincts and apply the same rules that you apply in a situation of "real life".

Online Safety

What should I not reveal?

In particular, your personal information. Communicate by email may be practical and helpful in the process of knowing better the other person, but we advise you not to share your personal email on the first messages and wait until the trust is created. Remember that revealing personal information such as full name, address, credit card data and other personal data may prove unwise, as these data can be used to make purchases in your name or to subscribe to Internet services. If you decide to go on a date with someone use your mobile phone number (this can be easily replaced by another), and avoid revealing your home phone number. Avoid talking about your daily route work-home, home-work, the belongings that you have at home (eg, computer brand x, television brand y etc ...) and what time your home is empty. If the person is not reliable, he/she can easily rob your house.

When should I block someone?

Sometimes you do not feel comfortable in continuing a conversation that you've started with someone, and you should not feel pressured to do so. Sometimes your personality may not be complementary and the best thing to do is continue your journey, no drama or charges. But sometimes it seems difficult to make that progress, perhaps because the other user chooses to ignore the obvious and continue to insist on messages that have no answers. In these cases you can always block that person that make you feel uncomfortable. In the “User Profile” you has a chance to "Remove from Network". Remember also that reporting abuse through the user's profile beyond that message is deleted, the profile will also be blocked and you no longer receive messages from this user.

What other cases I may report abuse?

WeGoOut's profiles are not pre-approved, so we rely a lot for all users to maintain and improve the quality of WeGoOut's profiles and experience. If you receive abusive messages/email or see any suspicious profile please let us know. The best way to report an abuse or inappropriate content is to use the "Report Abuse" button on any profile page. Some situations may require more information than others. If a profile look "fake" or somehow inappropriate to the objectives of the site you can use the "Report Abuse" option under the profile photo of the user. If several users reporting the same profile, it will be carefully reviewed by our team who will decide whether the profile should be deleted from the site or not. The most serious cases may require more detailed information in order to launch an investigation into the behavior of the user concerned. If you considers the situation serious enough may prefer to send us an email with a description to: [email protected]

Not sure how to deal with the situation?

When reporting abuse:

  • If someone contact to ask you for money;
  • If someone tries to sell you some service or product;
  • If someone offers you a job or a "unique opportunity", especially if it involves travel to another country;
  • If someone is actually in another country than mentioned in their profile;
  • If someone posts a inappropriate photo.

How do I recognize a fraud?

It is worth remembering that Internet fraud has grown, but you can take some precautions to avoid falling into them: If the proposal seem too good to be true, then it probably is; Be wary of people who say they belong to official organizations of the government. It's probably a lie; Do not believe in promises of large sums of money for your "simple" collaboration; Do not trust anyone who says that can only be contacted by email, this is a form of fraud that involves sending you a link to your email in the event of clicking may result in loss of security on your computer.
Example of a posted message is attempted fraud: "Hello. My name is Grace I saw your profile today and I became interested in you and I will like to know more about you and if you can send an email to my email address I will give you my picture. Here is my email address ([email protected]) hope we can move from here. Waiting for your mail to my email address above. Grace "

If you receive a message or contact from a WeGoOut's user to ask you for money, please notify our team for our email [email protected] Do not hesitate to contact us first if you suspect the contents of any message received, your complaint will be treated confidentially.

What to do when I'm not interested?

You has exchanged messages with someone you met online. After a while, you realize you have no interest in that person. However the user continues to send you messages. If you do not want to answer, you don't have to. This is a positive feature of online communication. Imagine yourself talking to someone at a party. Then imagine yourself to leave that person "planted" in the middle of the room, because you really saw that you have nothing in common. That sounds a lot ruder than the online world.  If there's no chemistry, the best for both is not to go to the next stage. The same goes when you receive a private message (or someone want to chat with you) from someone who you never spoke and did not want to establish conversation. You do not have to talk if you are not interested. You don't have to answer to everyone.

What photographs should not have as profile picture?

You take great care of your body and your image, however, we advice you to expose only for face and preferably without Photoshop. Your profile will be more appealing with a good description of your personality, your favorites sports and activities, what kind of movies or plays, you enjoy … Try to show an fun and carefully image. A smile is always an asset and ensure that someone else is taking the photo, for example a friend. If you take the picture yourself may give a neglected aspect to it.

Offline Security

Which rules I have to remember for the first date?

The first date should be in a public place and with easily accessible to you (bus, taxi, parking), get to the location and to leave when is time to go. If the location change during the date please make sure your plan to return home is still viable (bus, train, taxi etc...).

Never accept a ride home, even if the date goes well, wait until there is mutual trust.

Tell someone you know of your plans, with whom you will find, where is the date and what time you plan to return home. Drinking alcohol may seem like a good solution to calm the nerves of a first date, be aware, that it will be much harder to deal with any unexpected situation if you are under the influence of alcohol. If you have to go to the toilet do not leave your drink with your date.

A good alternative to dates in bars, can be a afternoon date, a delicious breakfast, a visit to an exhibition, a museum, etc...

It is always a good idea not to go on a movie or dinner on the first date because if there is nothing in common between you two, it will be easier to leave than a long dinner or two and a half hours in a room film.

If you use your common sense and treat all the users the way you like to be treated then you will have a pleasant experience in WeGoOut. If you have any other questions or concerns, our customer support team will be happy to talk with you.

Contact us: [email protected]

And remember: If you feel your personal safety or another user is being compromised or at risk for some users of our service, in this case, you should notify the police immediately. If on the other hand, considers the behavior of a user dubious and immoral, it can occur in this report anonymously by clicking on the "Report Abuse" on that user profile. This report will come to us and we will take appropriate action.