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The privacy of our users is paramount to WeGoOut SA Brasil, and although the nature of this service includes the collection of personal information about our users, we take all necessary measures to safeguard their confidentiality and privacy.

Personal informations stated in this Privacy Policy include: name, postal address, email, mobile number and other personal data.

Registering and using the Website is undeniable factor of acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, fully and in all respects.

WeGoOut reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy without prior notice, however, we will notify all users via email or by a notice on the Website (

1. Personal Data and Email

WeGoOut commits not to reveal to a third party any private data namely name, postal address, email, mobile number and other personal identifiable data.

WeGoout commits never to reveal, sell or trade your email address and personal data for commercial or other purposes, therefor you will never receive spam (unsolicited mail) caused by registering on

To increase your level of control over notifications received in your email box, you can choose which communications you wish to receive. This tool is available at “Account” > “Account Settings” > “Notifications”.

2. Automatic Recorded Information

WeGoOut stores and analyses information related to Website usage and traffic for the purpose of improving the Services we offer. This information is automatically stored and includes the following: IP address, proxy server, operating system, browser, location, gender, navigation, cookies and other information associated with your profile. This collected data does not include your full name, nor it can be traced back to you or identify you in any way.

The gathered data can also be used to enhance your personal experience in the Website. This can include personal recommendations or users' suggestions, and also messages that include advertising, promotions, offers and subscriptions to products or services from third party. The responsibility for accepting these offers, promotions or subscriptions is entirely yours and you should always read the product or service terms and conditions before doing so.

If using a public computer to access our Website remember to “Sign Out” every time.

3. Profile Information

Your profile can be seen by other users that belong to your Network (Network Reach).

The information that you publish in your profile is accessible to other registered users.

WeGoOut is not responsible any inappropriate use of the information available by any registered user.

You can modify or remove the information published in your profile at any time. Your personal information namely your real name, email, postal address mobile number and other identifiable personal data will never be revealed in your profile or in any other way.

4. Contact Information

You can invite your friends to WeGoOut through Facebook Connect or manually inserting their email address to send your invitation. Your friends' contacts will be privately stored on your behalf in your account for your convenience only, and we will never expose or sell their email addresses to third party without your prior consent.

Your contacts will receive the invitation you sent by email, and any further communications will only be sent by your request.

Anyone can request their data to be deleted from WeGoOut's database by writing us to [email protected]

5. Interaction

WeGoOut enables you to participate and interact with other users of the service by sending messages, publishing texts and images, etc. These interactions between users can not be controlled by WeGoOut. We recommend caution when revealing personal identifiable information to other users. For more information about internet safety please read our Safety guidelines published on our Website.

6. How we Use your Information

During registration and use of our Service we gather information from all users, namely profile update, photo upload, public posts, etc. This information is published on our Website and available to all users that belong to your Network (Network Reach).

The information entered by users is used to create their Network (Network Reach)and is based on age, location, gender, relationship status and type of relationship they seek.

The email address provided to register your account can be used by WeGoOut to send you messages related to our Service, your account, password recovery, recommendations, notification alerts, message alerts, questionnaires and notifications related to services or products supplied by us or our partners.

WeGoOut may collect and organize the information provided by all registered users for the purpose of managing and coordinating the Website and its Services, namely maintenance, testing and development, marketing and advertising. These activities will never result in the exposure in any form of personally identifiable information of any user.

7. Applications and External Search Engines

As with other websites on the internet, WeGoOut is monitored by external web applications and search engines that temporarily store information. These entities offer services that we consider useful to WeGoOut and its users, therefor WeGoout sometimes organizes data in a convenient fashion to be used by such web applications an search engines.

WeGoOut can also use the information provided on its Widgets, Web Services, Web Feeds, Mashups and other services that also allow external websites to incorporate features and information from

8. Partnerships and Acquisitions

Your information could be disclosed to another company should an acquisition takes place. The transaction in question can relate to the acquisition in part or in whole of WeGoOut (the Website)

9. Privacy and Law

WeGoOut reserves the right to disclose and provide personal information about its users in response to a lawsuit, to exercise his own legal right of defence before an indictment. The same applies if the same data are requested by a competent authority in the course of an investigation, prevention or legal action against suspected criminal activities, fraud, breach of our Terms and Conditions of service, or other illegal actions not described here.

Any issue related to WeGoOut will be applied the Portuguese Law.

10. Cancel and Manage Personal Information

You may at any time cancel you subscription at WeGoOut, by clicking on the menu "Account", then choose "Account Settings" and then on “Remove Account”. This operation will delete all data saved and cannot be undone and to register on WeGoOut, you must register again.

The information published by all users can be modified, adjusted and removed by them, simply by entering the Web Site WeGoOut and changing their profile.


Do you have a question about our Privacy Policy? Write us to [email protected]